Our Story

Who we are?

ARTSofINDIA.in - Traditional Arts and Crafts from India, is an initiative from "Sanskriti", which is registered in Bangalore, India. The portal represents the inter-cultural moments of India, when new perspectives arise and much that has been forgotten is rediscovered and replayed.

The goal of Sanskriti is to help Indian Traditional Arts and artists get the recognition on global art map.

What we do?

For the past one decade, we are promoting Indian arts and crafts and providing a much needed platform for the mostly poor and remotely situated artists on these arts. 

Our Social Responsibilities

We are part of our society and we truly understand the responsibilities we have towards it. Though its true that not all the artists are poor, we know most of them are and these artists are playing a crucial role of keeping Indian traditional arts alive till date and they need proper care else we might loose the arts along with them. We do provide support to these artists in the following manner

  • Listing and Placing their art works on ArtsOfIndia.in with sufficient details at minimum cost.
  • Help them getting buyers for their art works and close the deal
  • Help them participating in Art events, workshops and exhibitions.
  • Connect them with people interested in learning the arts.

We hope to revive the forgotten and slowly vanishing traditional arts of India and their artists with our sincere efforts.

Artisans in India

The artisan sector has enormous untapped potential to drive economic and community development and preserve cultural heritage in the developing world. Artisans play a major role in developing communities or local economies. Second only to agriculture, artisan enterprise is the second largest employer in the developing world. In India alone, seven million artisans make a living using traditional skills and techniques to create handmade products. Artisan crafts are proven sources of job creation, export earnings, poverty alleviation, promotion of cultural diversity, and skills building and human capital investment. 

From early ages to current world, people of India have been using handmade products for a long time. In ancient India people lived in colonies called tribals and they were used to make utility items for their daily need. Then people started selling these products in the local markets “Haat”. Time has been passed and people have become more developed and civilized in all aspects, those who were making handicraft products have started trading their makings by increasing demand. 

Skilled people create varied kinds of items starting from consumer goods to decorative pieces out of paper, wood, clay, shells, rock, stone, metal etc. with the help of simple tools. The country of India is known for its ethnicity. Artisan sector form the gateway to this ethnic nation. So far as art and culture is concerned, India features amongst the culturally rich countries in the world. The country is fortunate enough to possess some highly skilled artisans. They have increased the fame of Indian handicrafts around the globe. Till now, many rural people earn their livelihood from their creative pieces of art. 

The art and crafts examples can be seen in the fort and palaces of India, in Indian architecture and miniature paintings of India. Miniatures paintings are beautiful handmade paintings, which are quite colourful but small in size. The highlight of these paintings is the intricate and delicate brushwork, which lends them a unique identity. The colors are handmade, from minerals, vegetables, precious stones, indigo, conch shells, pure gold and silver. Several handicraft and painting techniques can be seen in different places of India. Every state has its own painting technique. The major Indian states those are known for their arts, culture and paintings are Bihar, Maharshtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Orissa, Assam, Himachal Pradesh etc.

Want to be part of our family?

If you want to be part of our growing family as an artist or as angel investor, you may contact us today at info@artsofindia.in


Kislay Komal | Founder
An engineer by education, IT professional by profession and Indian at heart, has always rooted himself to his homeland Bihar and slowly developed a passion for Indian arts and crafts. Over a decade he has been reaching out and working with various artists to promote Indian traditional arts. This passion derived him to start, www.mithilapaintings.com in 2006 and later, along with his two friends, “SANSKRITI” in 2010, to create a collaboration and outreach platform for the arts and artists, which in turn resulted into the launch of ecommerce venture www.artsofindia.in in 2016.

Jyoti Sharma | Overseas Operations
An MBA by education, worked in corporate world for few years before moving to US. A Home maker with 2 kids always wanted to remain associated with India and its arts and culture. That’s when she got associated with KISLAY and to take “SANSKRITI” venture forward. Both of them started with online store www.artsofindia.in for hundreds of artists to help them make their arts and crafts reach beyond boundaries of India.

Mamta Bharti | North East Operations, Training
Mamta is a Madhubani Artist, from Bihar. She has been associated with “Sanskriti” since its inception and presently looking after its Operations in Bihar region. Mamta is one of the main Swheta, Madhubani Artist pillars of “Sanskriti”, being an handicapped by Birth, its amazing to see how smoothly she manages to do all this. She is a living example of Courage and Determination and an inspiration to all. A true tory of Women Empowerment. Content to be Added She was given State Award. She has done Intermediate arts from Bihar intermediate council, Patna, B.F.A. (Applied) from Arts & Crafts College of Patna University and E.D.P. on fashion designing from SISI, Patna. She learnt Madhubani Painting along with Tikuli Art, Tantra Kala, Manjusa Art, Godna art, and many other folk arts and crafts from Upendra Maharthi Shilp Anusandhan Sansthan

Shweta | Training & Exhibitions, NCR region
Shweta is a known Madhubani Artist, who has presented her collections in exhibitions across the globe. Performing as a Folk artist from the year 1997. During this period of time I have been trained more than five hundred rural and urban students. They all are doing well in the field of Madhubani Art. National Level Awards – 1st in International poster contest-1996 and 2nd in Internal Poster Contest -1997 both organized by NCERT and UNITED NATIONS FPA. Award from Government of Delhi in 1997. International Level Awards - Global awards Runner from USA in 1996 for the theme, “Where we live now”. She was also Part of the Longest Painting in the world (325 mtrs) in 1999.
Saurabh Atirek | Sales, Russia
By profession, is a doctor, settled in Russia and has always been enthusiastic about rish Indian Tradition, Arts & Crafts. He left India to pursue his career in 1998 but did not forget his root. Wherever he goes he takes with him the desire to spread the awareness of India and its amazing Arts and Crafts. Fluent in Russian language is his plus point for creating market for “Sanskriti” products there in Russia.
Gautam Goswami | Sales, North East
GAUTAM is associated with Arts Of India Team since its inception. His passion to explore the rich indian culture, especially the north eastern India where he was born and grew up. A mechanical Engineer, Gautam is a master of many things including ecommerce, data anlytics, a blogger and a social activist who is always keen to help people in need. His interest to help the rural artists brought him to join Arts of India team and we are truly amazed to see how open he is to extend his helping hand to people in need.
Our Mentors

KALYAN JOSHI, a famous Phad artist, Started work with father and Guru Shree Shrilal Joshi, A ‘Padma Shree’ Awardee, from childhood at the age of eight years. He experimented Phad Painting with new stories and Contemporary style (Collage) and line drawing . He created picture montages with expert of narrative poetry and he has done experiments with character animation. He is founder of "ANKAN" Kala Sansthan, which served thousands of childrens with phad paintings. During 15 years of span of ANKAN, he even organized 30 exhibitions in Bhilwara. 

MANOJ KUMAR PANDIT, Famously knows as Manjusha Guru, is one of the biggest artists of Manjusha Art. He is known for his work of revising the Manjusha and saving it from vanishing. He is actively providing training to many budding Manjusha Artists at his training center in Bhagalpur, Bihar. He has been awarded with Bihar State Award and many such other awards.

VENKAT RAMAN SINGH SHYAM, is a noted Gond and contemporary Indian artist who works with murals, etchings, mixed media and animation. Venkat has travelled extensively and exhibited his work in India and the world over. He was awarded the Rajya Hasta Shilpa Puraskar by the Government of Madhya Pradesh in 2002. He was also the coordinator for an animated film on a Gond folktale made by Tara Douglas which won the Tallest Story Competition Trophy at the Inverness Film Festival, Scotland, in 2007.

VINAY SHARMA, is a noted Contemporary Artist completed his Diploma in Painting and Post Graduation in. University, Baroda in 1990. His solo shows include Gallery of Contemporary Art in Poland; Hanover Galleries Liverpool in England and Talisin Arts Centre at Swansea University, UK, Hope Street Art Gallery at Liverpool, England. His Group shows in India and abroad include Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Korea, Jaipur, New Delhi and Mumbai. He was given an Honorable Mention by National Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi; Golden Jubilee of India’s Independence Award (Rajasthan) by AIFACS, New Delhi; All Rajasthan Drawing Award by Progressive Artists Group, Jaipur and All India Award for Print; Rajasthan State Award and Rajasthan State Student Award by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi in 1991, 1987 and 1986 and Rajasthan Kala Parishad Award.