The art, culture, and heritage of the state of Gujarat rank as one of the richest and most fascinating in the country. The unique and diverse cultural heritage of Gujarat attracts several tourists all-round the year. 

The city has witnessed several significant historical events. Gandhinagar, the state’s capital, and Ahmedabad, the largest city of the state abounds with historical art, architecture, and other references, and hence, are among the most frequently visited places. 

Kutch Embroidery

Being the signature art of the tribal community of Kutch District, this embroidery stands out as one of the most remarkable influences on the embroidery traditions of India.
The women group of the district illustrate their brilliant craftsmanship in form of net embroidery using threads of silk. Cotton fabric is highly preferable; however, nowadays, Kutch embroidery is also crafted over silk and satin fabrics.

Several kinds of stitches, such as double buttonhole, square chain, running stitch, and so on are adopted in carrying out this most well-known embroidery style. The prominent effect is the sewn little mirrors, known as abhla, in geometric designs. Based on the various tribal sub-groups of Garasia Jat, Rabari, and Mutava, different kinds of hand embroidered ethnic styles have progressed and gained importance. The six styles of Kutch embroidery include Khaarek, Suf, Paako, Garasia Jat, Rabari, and Mutava.

Kathi Embroidery 

Kathi embroidery is specialized by the Kathi community of Saurashtra. The brilliant craftsmanship can be observed in the patterns created using vibrantly coloured threads. Besides fabric, this style of embroidery can also be noticed on wall hangings and door frames.

Ari Embroidery

Gujarat prides itself in authentic Ari work. This highly complex and fashionable style is generally carried out on silk fabric. The professional artisans illustrate their fine skills through intricate patterns. To make the surface of the smooth fabric even, the fabric is held on a frame. Designs are often employed with the help of pearls, beads, sequins on blouses, sarees, and other garments, which truly heightens the charm of the apparel.

Bead-work Embroidery

One of the major centres of bead craft in India is Gujarat. Places like Junagadh, Saurashtra, Rajkot, Amreli, and Ahmedabad are widely known for the multi-culoured beadwork jewellery and decorative items. 

Applique or Patchwork

This traditional craft is practiced majorly by the women of Saurashtra. Generally, these women belong to the Darji (tailor) community. They specialize in the art of cutting parts of various coloured and patterned fabrics and sewing them onto a background fabric. The fabrics are cut into a variety of shapes and sizes. Employing this technique, garments, curtains, and wall hangings are made.

Other Embroideries

Chain-stitch embroidery on leather is specialized by the Mochi community. The embroidered leather shoes are much in demand. Embroidery using mirrors and coloured threads on dark-coloured fabric is majorly done by the Ahir and Rabari communities. 

The Jat community of Kutchh specializes in Heer Bharat embroidery. In this technique, they use mirrors, coloured beads, and bright threads to create artistic patterns on fabric.

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