Madhubani Arts - History - Conclusion

[This painting is made by famous artist and cartoonist Mahendra Prasad]


[The History of Mithila Paintings is provided by Dr. Kailash K. Mishra. Dr. Kailash Kumar Mishra is an anthropologist who works as free lance scholar and looks after the Bahudha Utkarsh Foundation as its founder and Managing Trustee. he can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Ph: 09868963743]
If the Bharat Natyam, Manipuri, Kuchipuri, Odessy and the Satria dance forms can be retained in their originality (not of course in the water tight compartment) and get popularized day by day, why cannot this great folk painting be also retained in its originality in harmony with the nature, people and the tradition!

The recent trends of consumerism, market and selling attitude have made this art a maidservant of the moneyed people. Selling art objects is not a bad practice but surrendering the entire traditional creativity and values before buyers at the cost or originality is something that disturbs a commoner or an insider where such art is done.

A serious thought is urgently needed in order to retain the original favour and smells of the Mithila paintings. Researchers, NGO professionals, folk artists, and people concerned all should come together to adopt the appropriate measures to retain this art in its originality.